Our activity programme offers students ongoing opportunities to practice and improve their English outside of the classroom. We offer a range of activities which are planned and structured to create a fun, relaxed and positive environment.

Our activity programme can be separated into four parts:

  • Core Activities
  • Individual Free Choice Activities
  • Evening Activities
  • Educational Visits

Core Activities

Students participate in the Core Activities in their classroom groups, usually twice a week. Some of these activities have been created to closely overlap the projects and communication work our students do in the classroom with their English teacher. Additionally, our Core Activities help students to build confidence and develop skills such as leadership, teamwork and communication.

Examples of some Core Activities are:

  • Photography & visual effects
  • Creating zines & comic strips
  • Origami

Educational Visits

The educational visits are a important element of the activity programme for all students who come on our summer courses. The cultural visits allow students to experience and learn about British history, geography, and culture. These visits provide numerous opportunities to practice and improve their communicative English outside the classroom in authentic English environments. Most of our programmed visits include an entrance to a place of interest. For example, visits to Brighton include entry into Brighton Pavilion, and a visit to Bath Spa includes entry into the Roman Baths.

Our teachers take students through carefully designed lessons about all our educational visit destinations. These lessons provide students with useful knowledge about the places they are going to visit.

Before the visits individual students and Group Leaders are given detailed information about their educational visit day, including transport and entrance times, what to bring, and plans and meeting points for the day.

During the educational visits all student groups and individual students are accompanied by one of our Activity Leaders. Our leaders ensure the safety of the students whilst leading them on the walking tours and taking them to places of interest.

Individual Free Choice Activities

Elac understands that all students are different. That’s why our activity programme offers a wide variety of activities to suit everyone. Our centres have a huge range of facilities available for both sport activities and more creative options. Examples of sports facilities available in our centres are heated indoor swimming pools, outdoor football, rugby and cricket pitches, tennis courts, and indoor and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts. For creative activities we have access to great indoor and outdoor spaces suitable for delivering these types activities. Whether our students are interested in practicing sports or in expressing their creativity, all our centres offer a range of fun and engaging learning opportunities outside the classroom.

Examples of some Free Choice Activities are:

  • Dodgeball
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball           
  • Football
  • Photography workshop
  • Drama
  • Art & Crafts
  • Graffiti writing
  • Music


Evening Activities

The evening activities offer all our students the opportunity to come together to participate in a range of fun events. There is usually a “main event” each evening and a variety of other choices. 

Examples of some Evening Activity main events are:

  • Discos & Karaoke nights
  • Murder Mysteries
  • Sports competitions
  • Fun Olympics
  • Talent Shows


Our friendly and approachable Activity Leaders are passionate about delivering sessions which are fun, engaging and that further strengthen the students' English language learning. Leaders are carefully chosen for their abilities, friendly and open personalities, professionalism and commitment.

In addition to planning and delivering the activities, Activity Leaders also lead students on cultural trips with the same approach and dedication as they deliver the activity sessions.


Students on the Empower Pathway between 15-17 years old may be invited to participate in our Student Leadership Scheme. We look for enthusiastic and hard-working individuals who are looking for a challenge and are keen to gain some leadership and public speaking experience to join the scheme. Students chosen for the scheme will work with the activity team to co-deliver activity sessions to the other younger students. Together with other Student Leaders they will also plan and deliver a final session on their own towards the end of their course. Students selected for this scheme will receive Elac polo shirts and a Certificate of Achievement. Testimonials and references are available on request if students wish to include this experience in strengthening their CV as they move into Higher Education or the workplace.


For students who are looking for a specific focus to the activities they join, we offer specialist programmes in Art & Photography, CLIL, Cookery, Football, Performing Arts, and Watersports. You can find more information about these options on our Specialist Programmes page.