Elac welfare

Your safety and wellbeing are our number 1 priority

Everyone needs to play their part in the welfare of others: click here to see what we expect from you.
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Have fun – stay safe

We have been looking after students on study vacations for well over 20 years now and pride ourselves on providing high standards of care at all times.  Here’s what you can expect from us:

Special Requirements

Before you come to England we will ask for information about your diet (any things you can’t eat), any medical information, and any other special requirements so that we can look after you properly when you’re here.

Risk Assessments

We will thoroughly check the centre that we are using for the course to make sure that we are aware of any potential risks to you, and if there are any we will take suitable precautions.

Elac Staff

Elac staff are made aware of the priority that we give to the welfare of our students at their introduction to our school, and they all complete an online certificate in Child Protection.  Elac staff undergo a DBS check and overseas staff are subject to police suitability checks.


When you arrive we will show you around the campus and explain the rules of the centre, and give you information about the buildings and the local area to make sure that you stay safe during your visit.

Student Welfare Officer

We will introduce you to the Welfare Officer.  This is somebody that you can talk to (as well as your Group Leader) if you have any problems.  Whether it is to do with food, friends, accommodation, anything, in fact, that makes you feel uncomfortable – TELL US and we'll try to solve it together.

Individual Students

If you haven’t come as part of a group, you will be looked after with the other individual students by one of our staff.


You will be supervised at all times when you are in our centre.  During activity times we have a ratio of 1:20 adults (Elac staff and Group Leaders); when we have excursions off campus this ratio is 1:12–15.  If there are younger children under 12 in the group, then the ratio will be 1:10.

First Aid

In each centre there will be a list of First Aid qualified staff who will be able to look after you if you have a minor injury.  If you need to see a doctor, we will make an appointment for you at the local doctor’s surgery, or else ask the doctor to call at the centre.  If the problem needs immediate treatment by a doctor, we will take you to the local Accident and Emergency Department.  In all cases, we will continue to look after you and accompany you through your treatment.

Specialist Staff

For activities which have a higher risk (swimming for example) we always have qualified staff to supervise.

Homestay Students

If you are staying in a homestay, we will have checked the home to make sure that it offers a good place to stay.  You will be looked after by the Assistant Course Manager, and he or she will meet with you regularly to help you with any problems.


These are a really important part of your course because you want to see as much of England as you can.  However, they are also the times when we need to be most careful.  You will be supervised during the excursion at all times; the only exception is if there is some free time for you to do some shopping or sightseeing.  Depending on the destination, and your age, you will be allowed to look around for a short time.  This will always be with some friends, and in a limited area, with Elac staff on hand.  You will need to give your mobile 'phone number to staff beforehand.

Dealing with Problems

We will listen to you if you tell us about a problem.  If it is necessary, we will act to deal with the situation.  We have a clear procedure for dealing with issues that arise, and this is known to all our staff.  If you find yourself in that position, we will treat you sensitively and openly and fairly.

Safeguarding document
Elac has a Child Safeguarding Policy, which is regularly reviewed and updated.  It lays out procedures to ensure the safety and welfare of all students who come on our courses throughout the year.  This policy is available for you to download and read here.
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