Elac Code of Conduct


How to behave on an Elac Course

We want all our students to have a really enjoyable time on our courses.  We will do all we can to make sure that the course is a great success for everyone, and we want you to do what you can, too.
This is why we have written down this advice – it gives some examples of behaviour which we won’t accept, and also examples of behaviour we want to encourage.  Please read through it carefully: when you arrive in the centre, you will be asked to sign a copy of this Code of Conduct, which is your agreement to follow these rules.
You can download a copy of this Code.



  • Work hard
  • Listen in class to the teacher and other students
  • Be on time for lessons (or early!)
  • Make friends, especially with students from other countries
  • Include others in your activities – don't leave people out
  • Speak English as much as possible
  • Try different foods
  • Take part in activities
  • Look after the college well
  • Don't buy alcohol
  • Don't smoke in any of the buildings
  • Don't make too much noise around the campus, especially late at night
  • Don't drop litter around the college
  • Don't write graffiti anywhere
  • Don't leave the boarding house in the evening after roll call
  • Don’t get involved in any bullying behaviour towards others: this includes things you say and do, as well as physical bullying
  • Don't steal anything from shops

What happens if you break the Rules?

We take student behaviour very seriously.  The way you behave reflects on our organisation.  That is why we will give punishments in certain situations.
We will usually talk to you and give you an opportunity to improve your behaviour unless it is a serious situation. Here are some sanctions we may use:

  • You may be asked to help clear up around the college (if you have been making a mess)
  • You may be given some extra work to do, if you have not been making an effort in class
  • You may have to miss going on an excursion if you have gone somewhere without permission

For the most serious bad behaviour (drinking alcohol, taking drugs, bullying another student, stealing) you will probably be sent home – and you will have to pay the cost.
If we are considering sending you home, you will have an opportunity to explain yourself, with your group leader present, or some one else you choose to bring along.  However, after listening to everyone involved our decision will be final.