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Residential accommodation
Homestay accommodation
Hotel accommodation

The decision about what kind of accommodation you'd like to experience on your course is an important one.  At Elac, we have three choices for you, and in many of our centres there is more than one option available.
Whatever type of accommodation you choose we do our very best to make sure that you feel welcomed and comfortable during your course.  The accommodation we provide for you will be of a good standard, clean and cleaned on a regular basis, warm, and secure.
We will take into account your preferences over whether you’d like to share with friends or other students from different countries, or indeed whether you prefer not to share.
In line with British Council standards for homestay accommodation, we only place two students together in a bedroom, and only four students together in a house.  Similarly, we do not mix students over 17 years old with those under 17.
Each type of accommodation has its advantages.  Below are some very good reasons for choosing all of them!

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Residential accommodation


Residential accommodation is available at Bath Spa University, Eastbourne College, Cardiff, Christ's Hospital Horsham, Mayfield and Nottingham.  It gives you:

  • Secure accommodation with Elac staff always on hand to make sure your are comfortable and safe
  • A choice of different types of accommodation.  Some centres have single bedrooms, some have doubles or triples, some are modern, some are en-suite, all are clean and well furnished
  • A chance to spend a lot of time with other students, friends from your own country and new friends you've made
  • See the centres pages for more information about the accommodation on offer in each centre

Homestay accommodation

Homestay accommodation is available at our homestay-only centres, Prior Park College Bath and St Andrew's School Eastbourne, and as an option in our centre at Eastbourne College.
It gives you:

  • The chance to get to know British culture from the inside, living with a British host and getting to know them
  • A warm welcome in carefully chosen homes – our staff choose the hosts with great care to make sure you are made to feel welcome and 'at home'
  • More opportunities to practise your English – communicating, listening and interacting with British people is the best way to learn
  • A secure and friendly environment and a unique experience

Click here for some advice for a happy stay with a host.

Hotel accommodation

Hotel accommodation is available at Eastbourne College.  It gives you:
  • A chance to stay in premium, twin-bedded or single rooms close to the college
  • The opportunity to be fully part of the course, but a little more independent as a group
The choice is yours!