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Who are Elac?

The Organisation
Elac Study Vacations is a British Council Accredited provider of English language and activity courses, and a member of English UK and of its special interest group for young learners.  We run multi-national centres for students between the ages of 12 – 17 in a variety of locations in the UK. We work with students from a wide range of countries, but have particularly strong links in Italy, Russia, Japan, Spain, Turkey, Poland, France, China and Austria.

The History
Elac began life as “Eastbourne Language and Activity Centre” in mid 1990s.  It was set up by John and Sarah Dunster when John left Meads School of English where he was Principal. Eastbourne Language and Activity Centre was initially a homestay course based at Park College in Eastbourne.  Andrew McPhee joined in 2000 when Elac began to branch out into residential centres.  In 2005, the administration of the summer centres was moved to a new office in Bath. This office now handles the organisation for all the courses.
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Our Mission Statement

We have three prime aims for all our students:

  • To improve their English language skills quickly
  • To learn about British life and culture
  • To make new friends from many different countries

In order to achieve this we provide a secure and happy environment where students can feel at ease with each other while engaged in a course which they find both stimulating and challenging. We believe this provides the greatest opportunity for language learning and development.


Why Choose an Elac Course?

A proven track record
Elac Study Vacations has been working in the language school business for over 20 years.  In this time we have earned a reputation for quality, but even more importantly, for the individual care and personal service that we offer everyone following our courses.  Since 2000, we have gradually built an impressive portfolio of centres, and a satisfied group of partners overseas.

A small and dedicated team
Elac is no longer a small ‘family-run’ business – we welcome over 2,000 students each summer – however, we still retain the values and ethos that characterised Elac from the beginning and which made it attractive to our staff, students and partners: an organisation that is friendly, personal, loyal, professional and caring.  We believe strongly in building relationships and being good partners.

Good knowledge of our agents and students
Elac has a group of agents with whom it has been co-operating since the beginning of the organisation in Eastbourne.  These agents send students back year after year because they are completely satisfied with the courses we deliver.  This has allowed us to build up excellent relationships with the key people in these organisations – if problems arise, we work closely and quickly to resolve them.

Loyal and experienced staff
Most of our key staff have been with us for a number of years.  We rely on them in the summer to be, among many other things, the ‘public face’ of Elac, the promoters of our values, the deliverers of our promises.  The loyalty and quality of our staff has been the means by which we have been able to grow.
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What our Staff say ...

“I’m looking forward to a 4th summer this year – every year I’ve met students and leaders from all over the world and had great fun getting to know them and helping them improve their English” – Mark

“Sometimes it can be hard work, but it’s definitely worth it.  Each summer I’ve come away with funny stories and experiences that have had me laughing all year!” – Jess

Each summer I go back to Elac for a dose of hard work, smiles, laughter and little stress! It works so well because we all work together: staff from different departments work with people of all levels of seniority, as well as working with the students and group leaders that arrive from all different countries” – Elen

“You only have to hear that some people have been coming for 20 years to realise how special ELAC is.  It has a great atmosphere and a family friendly feel.  As a member of the activity staff, I found if I was unsure or ever in need of help there was always someone there to guide me.  I have been able to meet people from all over the world, with some I now consider friends, most of all it is fun and rewarding.  I don't know what this company does but it keeps bringing me back year after year.” – Emily

“I'm the Group Leader Coordinator at Eastbourne College and I've worked for Elac for four seasons.

I'm happy to work with them because it's a team of young, dynamic people, really very professional that love and believe in their jobs and always do their best to create a friendly working atmosphere.

“To be part of this staff means to me to be a part of a family, working together and never forgetting that we are working on the same project – to give our young guests the best.”

“I've worked for ELAC for two years now and it just gets better and better.
The staff were really great and we had lots of fun at and around work.  It's an excellent opportunity to meet new people and make new friends
from all around the world! The kids are all really great and some of them come back each year and remember you which is really nice.
I can't wait for next summer!” – Lauranne

“Helpfulness and sharing problems is the strength of this team.  It's really a pleasure for me work with Elac!” – Federica

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What our Partners say ... 


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What our students say ... 


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